Residential Street

The newly constructed Residential Street consists of 14 homes on full-sized lots, some with full backyards and all with interiors ready to be developed into your creative vision. Several of the houses represent architecture that is only found east of the Mississippi, while others can be found anywhere from Salt Lake City to Lake Tahoe. Encouraging your creativity means that any house on the street can be altered, whether that means changing the trees in the front yard or deconstructing the side of the house, as long as everything can be returned to its original condition after your project is over.

Neighborhood Views The curve of the Residential Street is designed so that you can shoot one architectural style, without other houses obstructing the shot.
House #1 Mid-Atlantic Cottage A quaint two-story home on a sloped lot with a style similar to homes in the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast.

House #2 Farmhouse, Gable Front A large farm-style house with charming front porch located at the top of a cul de sac.
House #3 Craftsman Located on the cul de sac, the Craftsman is a one-story home with picturesque front porch and large, geometric pillars.

House #4 Pennsylvania Dutch A large, barn-style house with full backyard. The home beckons to the 17th-century Amish, but can represent modern-day homes in towns across America.
House #5 Cape Cod A beautiful home with full backyard and coastal style that can be found anywhere from Santa Barbara to Martha’s Vineyard.

House #6 Southern Colonial A massive two-story home with detailed stone architecture and classic double porches stretching across the entire front.
House #7 English Tudor An imposing mansion tucked away behind a large brick wall. (Unfinished)

House #9 Mid-Century Modern Geometric architecture and modern styling make this house look chic and expensive; the full backyard makes it extremely usable and versatile.
House #10 Adirondack Lodge Architecture mainly found in high-end forested regions such as Lake Tahoe or Denver. House #10 has a full wrap-around porch and backyard.

House #11 Arts and Crafts With a full backyard and detailed pillars and siding, House #11 embodies Arts and Crafts architecture by emphasizing simplicity and nature.
House #12 Ranch Style A sprawling one-story home with brick detailing, large backyard and style generic enough to be in any housing tract or on acres of property.

House #13 Fieldstone The architecture of House #13 can embody the beautiful houses of Beverly Hills, the unique style of Indiana or the well-built homes in the South.
House #14 Federal Colonial A large two-story house with stone detailing and imposing pillars, House #14 has timeless style for versatility and function.

House #15 New England Farmhouse A yellow two-story house with simple design and classic brick steps leading to the front door.