Business District

The newly constructed Business District at the Ranch was entirely built with filmmakers in mind.  The 42 storefront back lot can represent almost any big city or small town in America and is built of non-combustible materials.  The buildings’ roofs were designed to have straight running horizontal lines so that creating a CGI background would be simpler and more realistic looking, and the streets were designed so that if you’re filming one block with one look, the other block with a different look can remain out of sight.

Storefronts The Business District is home to 42 unique storefronts, made entirely of non combustible materials, representing various decades and cities.
Block A Block A is located on the northwest side of the Business District. Five unique architectural structures feature seven individual storefronts––which can easily function as a bank, pharmacy, restaurant and office building to name a few.

Block B Block B features two distinctly different buildings; a corner shop ideal for a retro restaurant or a furniture store location and a three-story, brick-façade structure can be used for a school scene or an office building from a past era.
Block C Block C consists of three architecturally-unique buildings, ranging from a courthouse to a hardware store. A laundromat, diner and grocery store complete the street-level businesses, while apartments line the upper floor.

Block D Block D is located at the east side of the Business District. Ideal for filming an exterior hotel scene, these two buildings can also be easily transformed into an urban apartment complex.
Block E Block E features 360 degrees of unique filming locations. A corner hotel, local bar, fire department and industrial back alley are all designed to be shot individually, or all together.

Block F Block F features a diverse group of buildings and storefronts on all four sides. A quaint supermarket, corner hotel, office building and a foreboding back alley are ideal for just about any urban scene you want to create.
Block G Block G features a row of Brownstones that set the scene for a New York borough, while an art deco movie theater, complete with working marquee and box office, sits on the corner.

Block H Located at the north side of the Business District, Block H features a hat store, liquor store and grocery store. With removable signage, this versatile location is ideal for anything from a small town in Middle America to an urban borough.
Block I Block I features a diverse group of locations; an industrial back alley and modern office building set the scene for past eras, modern times and even the future.

Block J Block J features a classic American diner with working signage. An ideal setting for a local, 50's hangout, or a modern-day roadside eatery.
Block Views The blocks are constructed at angles that allow one architectural theme to be shot while other themes are kept from view.