Residential Street
  • 14 homes on full-sized lots
  • Multiple manicured backyards available
  • Curvature of street allows certain architectural styles to be filmed while others can be left out of shot
  • Architecture representative of houses across America
  • Any house on the street may be altered, as long as it is returned to its original condition
Business District
  • 42 unique storefronts
  • Made of entirely non-combustible materials
  • Architectural styles from cities and towns across America
  • Structural design representative of 1920s onward
  • Horizontal, straight roof lines make CGI backgrounds easier to create
  • Special effects welcomed
  • Street and block designs that allow one architectural design to be filmed while others can remain out of sight

Natural Areas
  • Hundreds of acres of open space and forested areas
  • From knolls to hay fields, the Ranch has beauty you might only see in the Midwest or East coast
  • All located within the 30-Mile zone but tree and plant species from across America
  • Open meadows where structures can be built
  • Several areas that can be altered or be the site of pyrotechnics and special effects
Rural Sets
  • Barns, bridges, cabins and houses with authentic look and feel
  • All buildings can be altered as long as they can be returned to their original state, unless otherwise agreed
  • Location of the Ranch allows for fewer noise restrictions or interference
  • Abundance of on-site water makes special effects permit acquisition easier