Located within the 30-Mile Zone, the Golden Oak Ranch is a movie ranch like no other.  Understanding that getting the most out of a shoot day is vital in today’s film, television and commercial industry, Disney and ABC Studios constructed two back lots on the Ranch—a Business District and a Suburban Street—so that part of the day could be filled staging an outdoor football scene in one of the many meadows, while the other part could be spent filming a crime scene in the alley at the Business District.  This allows productions not only to get the most for their money, but also to complete their project more efficiently in a place with incredible beauty and detail.

Ample parking and the Ranch’s convenient, just-off-the-freeway location allows large crews to get to and from the Ranch without significant traffic or parking constraints.  Readily available water means pyrotechnic permits are easier to obtain. The canyon location allows crews to shoot long hours, with great freedom in terms of noise creation, or concern that someone driving by might see the production lights.

Golden Oak Ranch is 890 acres of filming paradise located in the Santa Clarita Valley.  All things on the property are built with production in mind—from the crops that are planted to the layout of the Residential Street—yet crews can alter almost anything they would like, as long as it is returned to its pre-shoot state.  For more than 60 years the Golden Oak Ranch has offered a unique filming experience with endless possibilities and the standards associated with the Disney name.  We welcome you to create any place, to realize your vision, here at The Golden Oak Ranch.