Rural Sets

The barns, bridges, houses and cabins on the Golden Oak Ranch might all look and feel like places you would find in middle America, but a director’s vision—and the creative freedom of the Ranch—allows these places to be any place at any time.  If the script call for pyrotechnics, we welcome you to execute them here; just return things to their original condition when you’re done.  The Ranch’s idyllic location allows great production freedom; it is secluded without being isolated or difficult to get to.  The abundance of water makes permit acquisition for special effects easier.

Scenes Picture It. Offering so much more than nostalgia, the rustic structures on the Ranch can take you to the past, present or future.
Main Barn A large barn, doubling as an old fashioned mechanic’s workshop sitting adjacent to quaint horse stables.

Main Ranch House A one-story, Craftsman, ranch-style house with practical interior, full yard and detached shed.
Guest House A large one-story house with a cabin feel and a fully furnished practical interior, atop a hill overlooking the Old Lake.

Cabin on the Lake A small log cabin with full front porch settled on the banks of the Old Lake below oak trees among irises and tall grass.
Old Lake and Covered Bridge A medium-sized covered bridge extending over one end of the Old Lake, each end leading out into a dirt road lined by grasses and trees.

Golden Oak Hall Also known as Country Bear Hall, a massive wooden building with intricate carvings on each end, practical interior and large barn-style doors.
Caretaker’s House A doublewide mobile home positioned on a grass and wheat field backed by poplar, oak and pine trees.

Pee Wee’s Farmhouse and Barn A large red barn and matching red house, with practical interior, nestled on a grassy knoll backed by a variety of massive trees.
Olivia’s House A scenic, white two-story house with practical interior. The home has a full front porch and sits in a field of grass and trees.

The Woods – Currently Under Construction A small bridge, reinforced for large vehicles, with white wooden railing along a dirt road in a canyon full of dense tree growth.
Eucky House A small dark wood house or cabin, located along a dirt road lined by eucalyptus trees. Surrounded by a meadow and rows of crops.

Wrangler’s Gate #2 Another metal gate located along Placerita Canyon Road, guarding a short dirt road that winds through brush and trees to the main ranch road.
Pat’s Meadow A large wooden horse corral, painted white, filled with sparse grass and surrounded by dirt roads and trees.

Main Entrance Located one half mile from the Placerita Canyon freeway exit, the Main Gate is a large, brown, metal gate labeled “Golden Oak Ranch”.
Main Office Ranch staff office with large conference room. Adjacent to the Main Barn with ample parking available.

Cabin at Pine Lake A genuine log cabin nestled among tall pines and lush grass located next to Pine Lake, but barely visible through the thick brush.
Old Stone House A small house made from large grey stones and concrete set along a dirt road and backed by long grass and large oak trees.

Creek Bridge A wide, reinforced wooden bridge with white rails spread over a creek bed with abundant vegetation on either side.
Ragwing Barn – Newly Renovated A large cattle feed style barn, situated along a dirt road across from and adjacent to a large meadow.