Olivia’s House

Olivia's House - East View

A scenic, white two-story house with practical interior.  The home has a full front porch and sits in a field of grass and trees.

Pee Wee’s Farmhouse and Barn

PeeWee Farmhouse - Southwest View - Grassy Yard

A large red barn and matching red house, with practical interior, nestled on a grassy knoll backed by a variety of massive trees.

Caretaker’s House

A doublewide mobile home positioned on a grass and wheat field backed by poplar, oak and pine trees.

Golden Oak Hall

Grand Hall - Unique Construction - Handmade - Practical Interior

Also known as Country Bear Hall, a massive wooden building with intricate carvings on each end, practical interior and large barn-style doors.

Old Lake and Covered Bridge

A medium-sized covered bridge extending over one end of the Old Lake, each end leading out into a dirt road lined by grasses and trees.

Cabin on the Lake

Lake House - Covered Bridge - Rural Set

A small log cabin with full front porch settled on the banks of the Old Lake below oak trees among irises and tall grass.

Guest House

A large one-story house with a cabin feel and a fully furnished practical interior, atop a hill overlooking the Old Lake.

Main Ranch House

Main Ranch House - Craftsman

A one-story, Craftsman, ranch-style house with practical interior, full yard and detached shed.

Main Barn

Main Barn - Northeast View

A large barn, doubling as an old fashioned mechanic’s workshop sitting adjacent to quaint horse stables.


Offering so much more than nostalgia, the rustic structures on the Ranch can take you to the past, present or future.